31 Double Date Ideas for Couples

double dates

One of our previous articles, Tips for an Awesome Double Date, touched on some reasons why you should go on a double date, but sometimes thinking of where to go or what to do is hard! Especially when there is another couple involved that you might not know very well. Here are 31 fun double date ideas for couples to get you out there socializing with other couples right meow.

  1. Take a class! Whether it’s cooking, art, or athletics, it’s sure to be a good time. Just make sure it’s something you’d all want to do. Bonus points for you all trying something new!
  2. Meet up for brunch. Brunch is always fun in groups, especially when someone else is there to be three mimosas too deep into the morning with you when your significant other just won’t cooperate.
  3. Play as individuals or on teams on board game night. You could have each couple bring a game or fall back on a classic. Put out some snacks and you’ve got a fun and affordable double date!
  4. Have a dinner party, picnic, or potluck. This gives each couple a chance to show off their favorite dish as well as stick to spending whatever amount of money they are comfortable with.
  5. Take turns grilling on BBQ night. Or stroke someone’s ego by calling them Grill Master and letting them grill up all the hamburgers, hotdogs, veggies, or whatever else you desire to have grilled. Share stories, air, and, of course, beverages.
  6. Go to a sporting event. Football, baseball, basketball, racquetball, snowball… whatever your sport of choice is, there is sure to be a game in your area. Find fellow fans to partake in the group date and you’re all set. Don’t forget to tailgate!
  7. Can’t get to the game you want to see? Watch the game on TV. A good attitude and a few snacks are all you need to make this date night a success…as long as it’s a game you’re all interested in watching.
  8. Go to an amusement park. Who doesn’t like roller coasters, cotton candy, or impossible-to-beat games?
  9. Got a couple that likes the same type of music as you? How about a couple who looks good in ear plugs? (Just kidding). Find a concert near you and rock out on this sure to please double date!
  10. Agree to be open to anything and go on a mini road trip. Just see where the road takes you! Or, you know, plan it out ahead of time. You could get away for a day or make a whole weekend of it.
  11. Antiquing anyone? Go on a day trip! Antiquing not your thing? Make up a different excuse to go on a day trip…even if it’s for the most delicious ice cream.
  12. Look for a local craft fair or farmers market.
  13. Play tourists! See your town or city from a new perspective. Dressing the part is encouraged for couples who know how to live a little.
  14. Tastings! Beer, wine, cheese, syrups (Gilmore Girls fans where are you?), soups, chocolate… you get the idea.
  15. Go to a movie. Pair it with food or drinks so that you can all socialize as well. This could be a good double date when you aren’t sure you have things to say to the other couple. Let the movie provide an instant topic of conversation.
  16. See a show. Theatrical performances are loads of fun plus there is an intermission for socializing with your group.
  17. Miniature golf is always a good idea. Well, maybe not in the cold but yeah. Always.
  18. Try a progressive dinner! Have drinks, appetizers, entrées, and desserts…all at different places! Note: keep an eye on cost with this one and cut back where needed.
  19. Is the heat creeping up on you? Get out on the water! Go boating, tubing, skiing, canoeing, wakeboarding, or whatever else you can think of.
  20. Escape to the beach. Enough said.
  21. Is the snow falling? Take a snowboarding or skiing trip as either a day trip or weekend getaway.
  22. Bundle up and go ice-skating. Even if all of you are terrible at it, you’ll have fun laughing at (I mean with) each other as you fall.
  23. Not too graceful on the ice? Get retro with some roller-skating.
  24. Go to a bar or party. Nights out on the town are always better in groups. Just make sure that you are going somewhere that you all feel comfortable otherwise you risk one or more people not having fun.
  25. Visit the aquarium. You like fish, they like fish, and we secretly all want to find Nemo.
  26. Go to the zoo because everyone likes looking at cute animals.
  27. Play some pool, air hockey, darts, or what have you at a local establishment. Friendly competition encouraged!
  28. Grab your fellow outdoorsy couple and go hiking or rock climbing.
  29. Go bowling! A good excuse to try on other peoples’ shoes and a friendly competition.
  30. Channel your inner child by playing some laser tag. Eat some pizza afterwards for the full effect.
  31. Check out a museum. There are museums for all sorts of things. Find one that interests everyone or pick a few and get to oohing, ahhing, and stroking your mustache in heightened interest.

Almost any date can be turned into a fun double date with a few tweaks. Remember, the goal is to find something that would be fun for the whole group and allows you all the chance to socialize. Partaking in an activity can help eliminate potential awkwardness on initial dates and just give you something to do. If the double date doesn’t seem to be going well, don’t feel too bad. These things happen. Know that you tried, make your excuses for cutting the outing short, and don’t give up on double dates!


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Tips For An Awesome Double Date


Going on a double date can be a fun and affordable way to mix up your date night routine. In fact, a double date can strengthen your relationship. For starters, you’ll get to tell some of your favorite stories again (like how the two of you met) without anyone yawning. You’ll be reminded of how great your partner is at telling stories and get to see them from a new perspective. Plus, a double date is a good excuse for the two of you to get dolled up since the two of you obviously dress to impress.

So are you ready to see what a double date can do for your relationship? Here are a few tips to have a successful night out with another couple:


Choose a good couple to go out with.

They don’t have to be perfect, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding who to double date with. The ideal couple would be at a similar stage in their relationship. At a minimum, you or your partner should know one half of the couple fairly well. It’s even better if both couples know each other (at least in passing) so you can skip the formalities and get to the fun. Look for a couple whose relationship is one you admire or who are at least up for having a good time. Continue reading

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314816186_4b4df9d8cd_o1. Ice skating. It’s an activity and a good excuse to hold hands! What more could you want? Extend the evening by following it up with a hot beverage of your choice.


3649356_681642bc4b_o2. Is it snowing out? Yes Elsa wants to build a snowman! And make a snow angel. Or, you know, take turns shoveling the sidewalk.


Photo Dec 13, 12 28 34 PM3. Decorate ornaments.


332446838_9625ddb635_o4. Make a gingerbread house, castle, tree, truck,  or whatever else you can come up with to showcase your creativity. Is your gingerbread creation falling apart? Just go with it. Add a dinosaur toy or super hero to the scene to explain away any damage.

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Home-cooked Meal

Looking for a way to impress your date? Have some culinary skills you would like to show off? This is the date for you! Offer to make dinner and have your date be responsible for drinks and/or dessert. Ask about food allergies beforehand so you don’t have to learn about them the hard way.


A chance for friendly, non-strenuous, one-on-one competition and conversation. Depending on the location, drinks are also an option or you can pair this activity with dinner or a movie to mix things up.

Apple Picking/ Berry Picking

An excuse for a nice walk, an activity, and a chance to talk! Plus, you get some awesome fruit out of the experience. Continue reading

Best First Dates to Get to Know Each Other [2]

First Date Horseback Riding


An intimate date opportunity that allows for a lot of talking. Bonus points for picking up a book on consolations (or looking them up on your phone) so you can learn as you go!


Less predictable than its classic museum counterpart, a planetarium allows you and your date to stargaze in a dark and cozy environment. It also encourages whispering which can create intimacy as you two get to know each other. Perfect date for those in city areas where the stars are usually so far out of sight.

Take a Class

A date is a great chance to learn something new and what better way to do so than to take a class? Do a search to find short/ one-time classes near you (think a one-time hour long class) in a field that interests both of you. Learning something new together will help the two of you grow closer and give you a fun first date memory (and possibly even a souvenir, depending on the class).

Horseback Riding

A trail ride provides a fun outdoor adventure for those who aren’t afraid to get in the saddle. Enjoy nature, conversation, and bonding with horses.

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Best First Dates to Get to Know Each Other [1]



A classic first date option can be kicked up a notch if you pick a restaurant neither of you have been to before or a type of food one (or both) of you have been wanting to try. Aim for someplace nice but not too expensive or stuffy. You want to have an environment where you both feel comfortable even in the midst of getting to know each other.


Fun, active, and plenty of time for conversation makes ice skating a good option for a first date. Even if one or both of you have trouble with skating, you can help each other out by sharing tips, working on technique, or even just helping with overall balance by holding hands.


A casual atmosphere with friendly competition as well as an option for food and/or drinks –all while rocking bowling shoes! Added bonus (as if the hoes weren’t enough): your choice in bowling ball can showcase your physique.

Coffee/Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt

A simple, stress-free first date activity that allows for comfort and conversation with your favorite coffee or frozen treat in hand. This date option can tend to be on the shorter side time-wise, so this might be a good option for a blind date to see if the chemistry is there before the two of you go for something more romantic.

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