Dealing With Romantic Rejection

when your crush doesn't like you

Romantic rejection happens to the best of us. You have a crush on someone and, once you work up the courage to express your interest to them, they shut you down before the two of you even had a chance to see what could happen. It might seem unfair and you might find yourself angry or upset at this loss of opportunity. However, it’s important not to get lost in these emotions. The world has not come to an end just because one individual isn’t interested in you. In fact now is when a new world can ultimately begin. So how do you get to that point? Here are some tips for dealing with romantic rejection:


React the right way.

The wrong thing to do is overreact. There is no need to ignore someone or speak ill of them just because they were not interested in you. Instead, when you are ready, build a new platonic relationship with this person. This is especially important if you know you will be seeing this person around.


Try not to look at it as “rejection.”

If anything, someone telling you that they are not interested in you is more of a favor than a rejection. While it may sting for a moment, they did you a favor by telling you the truth so that you can move on and find someone that is interested in you romantically.

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Problems With Pity Dating

bad idea

What is pity dating?

Pity dating is when you agree to go on a date with someone because you feel sorry for them or don’t want to hurt their feelings. Ultimately, you know that you are not interested in this person but you go on a date with them anyway.

People have various reasons for agreeing to go on a pity date, but the reality is that there is no good reason to go on a pity date. You heard me: there is no reason to go on a pity date. Now whether you are considering agreeing to a pity date, have been on a pity date, or know someone who has done one of the two, it is time for a reality check. Here are 6 reasons NOT to go on a pity date (and why we should put an end to pity dating for good):


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17 Signs You Have A Crush

do you have a crush?

We are experts on ourselves. Or at least we’re supposed to be. Sometimes, there are things that even escape our notice. Crushes are one of those things. So how do you know if you have a secret crush on someone? We’ve made it easy for you! Here are 17 signs that you have a crush:

1). You think about them a lot when they are not around. You wonder what they are doing, how they are feeling, and even what they might be thinking about. This is how you pass a great deal of time.

2). If they are in the same room as you, you find yourself constantly looking in their direction.

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9 Dating Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Why Can't I Find the One?

Dating can be tough. It is a lot of trial and error, deciding when to stick around and when to go, and hearing a lot of “it’s not you it’s me.” But what if it really is you? There are a lot of people out there just as there are a lot of ways to go about dating, but the truth is that you might be making the whole dating process harder on yourself. Here is a list of 9 dating mistakes you are making right now and how to right them in time to find someone you don’t want to throw back into the dating pool:

You’re settling for less.

Sometimes we fall prey to the first person that expresses interest in us that we forget to wait for someone who we actually like and have things in common with. Don’t settle for someone that is clearly a poor match for you just because it is convenient or you find yourself flattered. Make sure you actually see potential for things to go somewhere otherwise you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

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How To Tell Them You’re Not Interested

tell them you're not interested

In a fairy tale, finding the right person for you is easy. They sort of just fall into your lap and you live happily ever after. In reality it is much more difficult. Finding a person you want to pursue a relationship with (let alone someone you’d want to spend the rest of your life with) is a whole process. This process involves a lot of dating.

Sometimes during this dating period you realize that things won’t work out with this person for one reason or another. So how do you tell them without hurting their feelings? Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to telling them that you are no longer interested:

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Seeing Your Ex With Someone New

Seeing Your Ex With Someone New

There comes a time after a break up where you think you have finally moved on. Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t quite gotten there yet and then WHAM! You see that your ex is dating someone new. Whether this knocked the wind right out of you, brought up a pool full of memories of the good times with them, or made you cry for 20 minutes straight, you’ll have to learn to accept that your ex has moved on. This can be a particularly daunting task if you find that you are not ready to move on yourself, but there are ways to learn to accept the fact that your ex has moved on and even embrace your brighter future without them. Here are a few of them:


Know that it really is for the better. The two of you were unhappy in your relationship for a reason. Remind yourself of that. It is easy to get wrapped up in the good memories and forget the fights, infidelity, being taken for granted, or what have you. I’m not saying to forget all of the good parts of your relationship (you should definitely hold onto those), but you do need to keep things in perspective. Your relationship was not perfect and it was time that the two of you part ways. One day you might find that you’re actually happy for them, or at least happy that the two of you are not together anymore. Continue reading

12 Dating Resolutions To Find Love This Year


Go on more dates. More specifically, date outside of “your type.” You might find that there is something better out there than the pool you were limiting yourself to.

Be open. It is easy to fall for someone at surface level, but true love is found when we are at our most vulnerable.

Try a blind date. If going on a date with a complete stranger makes you weary, ask your friend to set you up! Continue reading