Some ideas for a quick heyy!

In search of a date or a mate? We’re here to help! Whether you are going for flirty, funny, cute, or even just something practical, here are some ecards to help you say that first (or twelfth) heyy!

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Our dogs could be friends

Took my dog to the park today and you brought your dog over to say hello. They seemed to get along pretty well, at least before my dog decided it was time for us to go for a run. Hopefully you’ll see this and our dogs can meet up again sometime. I guess I don’t mind if you’re there either ; )



Why You Should Post A Heyy


[[Don’t wait, post today!]]


In this day and age, we are all busy people. We run here right before we run there because we know that eventually we’ll have to run all the way over there again before we rinse and repeat. In other words, our time is valuable and, unfortunately, that means that we may miss a chance to really get to know someone that could be great for us because we are so focused on all of these other things. You are only able to exchange quick hellos with the girl at the coffee shop before one of you has to race off to the office. At the gym you made a lame joke about the weather and he actually laughed and told you that you were “too funny,” but you had to leave when your legs felt like giving out on the treadmill. Whatever the case may be for you, it is time to seize the moment.


That’s where Heyy app comes in.


Get a second chance by posting a heyy. Tell that girl at the coffee shop that there seemed to be more than just coffee between you or tell the man at the gym that he turned your legs into overcooked spaghetti noodles before you had a chance to talk some more. Take your real life meeting into the virtual world where you can have another chance at hello and get to know each other before another real-life encountered. It’s upside down dating, and it just might work for you. Remember, there is no time like the present to reach out and say heyy! Who knows, you just might find what you are looking for.


[[Heyy is available NOW in the app store. Stop by and give upside down dating a try…for FREE!]]