11 Reasons to Try Online Dating

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Are you looking to meet new people? Are you looking to snag a special someone? Do the characters in your video games have a better love life than you? It might be time to give online dating a try. Still unsure as to whether online dating is really for you? Here are 11 reasons online dating might actually be the answer you are looking for:

1. Meet new people. Whether you are new to an area or looking to expand your current social sphere, online dating could be the solution for you. Even if you aren’t looking for a serious relationship or even a romantic one, (as long as you make your intentions clear upfront so as not to mislead people), online dating could help you enrich your life.

2. You have limited free time. In fact, almost all of your time is spent at work, you busy bee! Don’t force yourself to try to date one of your coworkers out of convenience on your quest to find love. Online dating is just as accessible with tons more options.

Dating at the office

Dating Your Coworker

3. On the other hand, maybe you’ve dated all of your coworkers (whoops!) before realizing that they just are not your type. Again, only a mouse click away…

4. You don’t have time to meet new people the “organic” way. Trying to meet new people can be even more exhausting than the dating process itself. You’ll find a lot of people are unavailable, not looking for a relationship, or just not your type. With online dating, you are able to quickly find people that have the same intentions as you and you can easily narrow the pool down to someone you’re compatible with from there.

The Lies of Online Dating

Lying in Love…Online

5. Practice saying no. You don’t want to be the person who goes out on pity dates and it’s time that you learn how to assert yourself. Say no if you know you’re not interested. It’s okay!

6. Discover what you want or don’t want in a relationship. While you shouldn’t develop a lengthy list of traits that need to be met, dating gives you an idea of some compromises you know you don’t want to make for love.

when not to compromise

What Not to Compromise on in Relationships

7. Practice flirting. (You know, when you mean it.)

8. Get a feel for someone from their profile. Don’t like what their profile has to say? Good news: you talk to them and it didn’t take you thirty minutes to realize that you and this person weren’t going to click.

9. Find a date to a specific event or place you’ve always wanted to go to.


How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work


10. Meet people that don’t live near you. Online dating doesn’t always have to be about discovering what is in your own backyard. In fact some people find that they are drawn to people that live somewhere else entirely. Online dating is a way to broaden your dating horizons and opens up the potential for platonic and/or romantic long distance relationships.

11. Dates are At least they are supposed to be. Find other people who like to go on dates and see what the outing has in store. Most importantly, keep an open mind!



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