Tips For An Awesome Double Date


Going on a double date can be a fun and affordable way to mix up your date night routine. In fact, a double date can strengthen your relationship. For starters, you’ll get to tell some of your favorite stories again (like how the two of you met) without anyone yawning. You’ll be reminded of how great your partner is at telling stories and get to see them from a new perspective. Plus, a double date is a good excuse for the two of you to get dolled up since the two of you obviously dress to impress.

So are you ready to see what a double date can do for your relationship? Here are a few tips to have a successful night out with another couple:


Choose a good couple to go out with.

They don’t have to be perfect, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding who to double date with. The ideal couple would be at a similar stage in their relationship. At a minimum, you or your partner should know one half of the couple fairly well. It’s even better if both couples know each other (at least in passing) so you can skip the formalities and get to the fun. Look for a couple whose relationship is one you admire or who are at least up for having a good time.

Keep it affordable.

Don’t go anywhere too expensive, even if you all are splitting the costs. It’s uncomfortable for everyone if a couple realizes they spent too much come time to pay. Know what your budget allows for and recognize that not everyone has the same budget as you. Run ideas by the other couple so that you can agree on a fun and affordable date for everyone.

affordable date ideas

36 Fun and Affordable Date Ideas

Pick a group friendly activity.

Going to a movie might seem like a good idea until you realize you can’t talk to the other couple. After all, wasn’t the point of this outing to spend time with your partner and the other couple? Opt for settings that allow conversation but also give you something to do. Bowling, miniature golf, cooking class, happy hour, etc. are all solid group date options.


Be social.

Remember, you are there to hang out with your significant other AND the other couple. So socialize with them! Steer the conversation away from work if most of the group is coworkers and aim for conversations you can all feel included in. If you’re unsure of what to talk about, ask them something about themselves (as individuals or as a couple). People love talking about themselves. Asking how they met is a good way to get them both participating in the conversation.

first date

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Act as you normally do.

Don’t feel as if you have to “keep up” with the other couple. They may make out in front of you, constantly compliment each other, over-share information, or drink three times the amount you and your date are, but that’s their choice. Don’t behave outside of your norm just because you feel like it’s what you are supposed to be doing. You’re there to have fun, not to partake in a made-up competition.


Save your drama for later.

A double date is not the time to air your current relationship grievances. Save that discussion for when you and your partner are alone and can effectively deal with the situation. The double date is for having fun –something you should try and do even if you and your significant other are in the middle of an argument.

Keeping friendship alive

Maintaining Friends While Dating

Have fun!

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of double dates or the date is awkward, you just have to make it through the one night. If you don’t click with this couple, you can always find another couple to go out with next time. Don’t worry the night away. Make the best of your night out and feel free to politely depart if things get particularly uncomfortable. At the very least, you and your significant other tried something new and have a fun double date story to tell down the road.


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