Dealing With Romantic Rejection

when your crush doesn't like you

Romantic rejection happens to the best of us. You have a crush on someone and, once you work up the courage to express your interest to them, they shut you down before the two of you even had a chance to see what could happen. It might seem unfair and you might find yourself angry or upset at this loss of opportunity. However, it’s important not to get lost in these emotions. The world has not come to an end just because one individual isn’t interested in you. In fact now is when a new world can ultimately begin. So how do you get to that point? Here are some tips for dealing with romantic rejection:


React the right way.

The wrong thing to do is overreact. There is no need to ignore someone or speak ill of them just because they were not interested in you. Instead, when you are ready, build a new platonic relationship with this person. This is especially important if you know you will be seeing this person around.


Try not to look at it as “rejection.”

If anything, someone telling you that they are not interested in you is more of a favor than a rejection. While it may sting for a moment, they did you a favor by telling you the truth so that you can move on and find someone that is interested in you romantically.

Accept the situation.

Not everyone will be romantically interested in you. In fact, not everyone will even like you, and that is okay. It is all a part of the dating process.


There is nothing “wrong” with you.

The reality is that the two of you just are not romantically compatible. Just because someone isn’t interested in you does not mean there is something wrong with you. Don’t let your insecurities convince you otherwise. There will be people who are interested in you and everything you have to offer. This person just isn’t one of them.


Deal with your emotions.

If you find yourself struggling to move on, talk to a friend about your situation. Having someone to talk to about what is going on will keep you from feeling alone. On top of that, your friend might be able to offer advice and help you in the healing process. If you don’t feel comfortable confiding in another person, try writing about what is going on. Journaling will allow you to sort out your feelings in private.


Don’t expect this person to change their mind.

If they have expressed to you that they are not interested in a romantic relationship with you, then believe them. Don’t try to talk them into a relationship or even try to convince them to give you a shot. If you have to beg someone to even consider you, it is not meant to be. Trust me, you can and will find someone better for you.


Take this as a learning opportunity.

Even though things didn’t work out the way you had hoped, it doesn’t mean you didn’t learn something about yourself in the process. You now have a better idea of the person you are: someone who is willing to put their heart on the line. There is no shame in that. Focus on the positives of the situation rather than getting tangled up in the negatives.


Don’t dwell on what happened.

You need to let this crush go to move on with your life. Right now is a time to focus on yourself and what you have to offer the world. Try something new. Pick up a new hobby. Broaden your horizons. Be the best version of you and you’ll find that you don’t care about the fact that one individual was not interested in you.


Move on.

Once you are ready, it is time to get back out there. Don’t let one person’s lack of romantic interest keep you from trying again. There IS someone out there for you and you have to be willing to put your heart on the line to find them. Don’t let anyone convince you to give up.


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