Are they crushing on you?


We’ve all either been told this before or have said it to someone else ourselves: it is hard to tell when someone likes you. Sure, you’re the first to figure out when your friends are crushing on someone (or when that someone is crushing on them), but trying to figure out when someone is crushing on you is an entirely different story. However, knowing when someone has a crush on you is important. You don’t want to lead someone on if you are not interested in them romantically anymore than you want to miss out on the opportunity of a relationship with the person who may be perfect for you. So how do you know when someone is crushing on you? Here is a list to make that task just a little bit easier for you:

1. They have nothing but nice things to say about you. They compliment you sincerely. When you’re not around, they speak highly of you to friends, acquaintances, or even people they just met. If they are talking to mutual friends, they’ll ask about you (and the people you care about) in order to get to know you better.

2. An obvious clue is that they are flirting with you. Less obvious might be the way in which they are flirting. Flirting takes on many forms and is different for everyone. Some people shower you with compliments, others make fun of you in a teasing manner, some don’t say much to you but their eyes speak wonders.


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3. On the note of eyes: their eyes are always on you. When you catch them staring, they blush and look away and you swoon just like you did back in middle school when the popular kid’s gaze lingered in your direction a second longer than was considered to be casual.

4. They smile at you and around you.

5. They are eager to help you with anything at anytime. When it comes to you, nothing seems to be inconvenient or out of the question. The normal person puts their self first, so anyone who is taking time out of their day (especially on a somewhat regular basis) to help you out without getting anything in return is certainly interested in you.


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6. In a hopefully non-creepy manner, they will make extra physical contact with you. They might touch your arm, leg, hand, etc. in casual conversation. When they are headed home from the group outing, they’ll make sure to hug you goodbye even if they don’t hug anyone else. If they hug everyone, the hug they give you is notably longer. If they are feeling brave, they may even kiss you on the cheek.

7. They laugh at all of your jokes, especially the ones other people don’t seem to understand or the few that weren’t quite as funny as the rest. It doesn’t matter to them: they think you are hilarious.

8. They notice when something changes about your appearance (and will usually compliment the change), whether it’s a hair cut, new way of knotting your tie, or a different pair of heels. They notice.


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9. When you talk, they actually listen to what they are saying. Days, weeks, months or what have you later, they still remember that one thing you said that one time even though you had already forgotten it.

10. On top of that, they remember your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and other details about your life –even the things that were only mentioned once in passing.

11. They are more than curious about who you might be romantically interested in at a given time. If they are asking you who you are into these days or tease you about being into random people (others in your class, at the office, or even random people sitting three to five seats away at the bar), they are waiting for the day that you reply that you are into them.


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