Are you too clingy?


Everyone wants to feel wanted, but being clingy is a whole different level. It is giving a person so much of your attention (hint: all) that it has become an unhealthy obsession. Clingy behavior can be exhibited in anyone of any gender at anytime, but it has to stop (for your own sake as well as theirs). Here are some signs that you are being too clingy:

You text/message/email/send carrier pigeons to/ pass notes to/ call them constantly. In fact, you’re totally cool with sending several texts in a row without so much as a reply from them. I mean, hey, it HAS been 5 minutes. In the meantime, you find yourself feeling anxious, nervous, or anything in between. If more than 10 minutes go by without a reply, you are certain they are ignoring you.


Cuffing Season

Plans for your future with them are something you discuss on date one, two, three, or four. Or, you know, all of them.

After knowing each other for a month, you think it is appropriate to propose. Why not when you’ve already planned the wedding?

You go through with said proposal and actually expect them to say yes. When they run away in fear (or are polite enough to simply decline), you become irrationally upset.


Can you prevent cheating?

You push yourself into their life via their friends and family without their knowledge or introduction. Why wait for them to introduce you when you can just find them for yourself?

When it comes to social media, you stalk them. You are constantly analyzing and overanalyzing all activity they have online. There is no such thing as clicking like, favorite, or retweet too many times when it comes to them. There is also no problem with stalking the people who comment on their posts. You’re just trying to get to know them better.


Maintaining Friends While Dating

You’re constantly at their beck and call. You are more than willing to drop your own plans for them on a regular basis. More than that, you are reluctant (or downright refuse) to make other plans incase they want to see you. No one else really matters anyway.

If they don’t want to make plans with you or if they have plans with someone else, you get mad. Real mad. As a solution, you invite yourself along to all of their plans, even when you were not actually invited.


Finding the Right Person For You

You blindly agree with everything they say. They are always right, right?

Someone, or even multiple someones, have told you that you are too clingy, too needy, or that you are exhibiting stalkerish behavior.

You see nothing wrong in any of the things listed above.


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