Cuffing Season


With the growing chill in the air (okay, really, it’s straight up cold now), cuffing season is in full swing! Those of you who like to hibernate the winter season away know this better than anyone. Colder weather is better spent together. Or, you know, something like that.

So what is cuffing season? It is the time of the year when people seek a cuddle buddy to get them through the chilly weather. These people ‘cuff’ themselves to someone for the winter so they don’t have to face the holidays or the cold alone. When the weather warms up again, these relationships come to a sudden end. It is especially noticeable among those who spend the remainder of the year being intentionally single only to seek a relationship come fall/winter.


Are you ready to enter into a new relationship?

Participating in cuffing season is usually done on a subconscious level. With the colder weather, people go into hibernation mode and people may unknowingly seek someone to cuddle up with through the holidays. There are less outdoor activities to do and less people going out. On the other hand, there are people who intentionally participate in cuffing season. They know this period of social hibernation is coming and they don’t want to face the cold alone.

Intentionally participating in cuffing season is fine so long as both people involved are aware that the relationship is temporary. Keep in mind, though, that there are certain types of people that make poor matches for cuffing season regardless of what they verbally agree to. Exes and those you know are in love with you do not make good partners for cuffing season. Find someone that is looking for the same thing you are and make your intentions clear upfront.

As can be expected, there are many people that are not interested in participating in cuffing season –intentionally or not. If you know you’re looking for a serious relationship, make sure you and your love interest are on the same page (a good tip regardless of the temperature outside). It is better to have a talk now and find out you are (or aren’t) looking for the same things than to have a break up sneak up on you come March.


Where is this relationship going? How to have “the talk.”

Whether you are participating in cuffing season or striving to avoid it, communication within your relationship is the key to getting through the season safe and sound.



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