12 Dates of the Holiday Season

314816186_4b4df9d8cd_o1. Ice skating. It’s an activity and a good excuse to hold hands! What more could you want? Extend the evening by following it up with a hot beverage of your choice.


3649356_681642bc4b_o2. Is it snowing out? Yes Elsa wants to build a snowman! And make a snow angel. Or, you know, take turns shoveling the sidewalk.


Photo Dec 13, 12 28 34 PM3. Decorate ornaments.


332446838_9625ddb635_o4. Make a gingerbread house, castle, tree, truck,  or whatever else you can come up with to showcase your creativity. Is your gingerbread creation falling apart? Just go with it. Add a dinosaur toy or super hero to the scene to explain away any damage.


5004394258_f2df287cc9_o5. Make hot chocolate. Better yet, make spiked hot chocolate. Feeling competitive? See who has the best hot chocolate recipe.


313282578_ba83aa62e8_o6. Bake cookies. Everybody likes cookies.


71670057_60abed3e3f_o7. See the lights. Several places have light tours (catch some Virginia and Maryland ones) or create your own tour! Make it a goal to find the “best dressed” house in your neighborhood.


4208341525_4f4fdce973_o8. Go caroling. Don’t like singing or think other people don’t like your singing? Sing louder. Or lip sing to recordings. Up to you.


3823023057_491920711f_o9. Volunteer. There’s nothing quite like giving back, especially during the holidays.


90726097_fc41f78419_o10. Decorate your house for the holidays. Already done with that? Snag some good deals on more decorations as an investment in future holiday bliss.


1678267645_65a545467d_o11. Watch holiday movies. Hot chocolate optional. Cuddling encouraged.


357995293_2c954a84cc_o12. Go holiday shopping, even if it’s just “window shopping.”


Any other holiday date ideas? Share them in the comments!



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