Signs it is Time to Move On


While there will never really be a “right time” to end things with your significant other, it is important to be able to recognize that your relationship may have run its course and how to act accordingly. Remember, truly loving someone is wanting them to be happy –even if that means they are going to be happy with someone other than you. Part of that involves being brave enough to admit to yourself (and to them) that the time has come to part ways. Here are some signs to help you determine if it really is time for you to move on:


They don’t respect you or your happiness.

If you find yourself waiting on them, dropping things in your life to be where they want to be, being told what to do, or that your dreams take a backseat to theirs, you are in the wrong relationship. Your happiness should be one of your SO’s top priorities just as their happiness is at the top of your list. If you are no longer happy, your relationship is no longer working.


You don’t communicate.

Communication saves relationships. Not talking about issues will not just make them go away. In fact, it causes resentment that will build up to a potentially larger argument down the road. If you feel as though you cannot express your opinions, talk about problems, or even just chat about things in general, your relationship has a problem.


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You fight all of the time.

While fighting is one (not so healthy) way to communicate, fighting all of the time is a sign that there are deeper issues in your relationship, such as incompatibility. If you find yourself fighting about the same issues over and over again, it is time to accept that this is something that will never be resolved and that it is time to move on.


They want to change you.

If you find your significant other trying to change you, they are not someone you should be with. Someone who truly loves you will love everything about you and not want to change a single thing.


They break your trust repeatedly.

It is hard to earn someone’s trust and even harder to trust someone who has proven they cannot be trusted. If the trust has been broken time and time again, it is time to move on.


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Their actions do not reflect what they say.

They make promises they do not keep. They lie. Their behavior is inconsistent and hard to keep track of. They say that they love you but their actions show you otherwise. You want someone in your life that is reliable, someone you can lean on and feel secure with. This is not that person.


You feel taken for granted.

If your significant other constantly makes you feel underappreciated, replaceable, or some combination thereof, and you’ve tried talking to them about it to no avail, it’s time to move on. When you feel as though you are being taken for granted, you are not happy; if you are not happy in your relationship, you are with the wrong person.


Your relationship is based on physical attraction.

Looks fade and you don’t want to be in a relationship where love and loyalty fade along with it.


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You’re bored.

As horrible as it sounds, sometimes you just get bored in a relationship with the wrong person. If you find that you don’t have as much fun with your significant other as you once did and you can’t seem to get that spark back, it might be time to move on.


One or both of you are “looking for the next best thing.”

If you find yourself or feel as though your partner is looking for the next best thing, your relationship is already over. Window-shopping always seems harmless until one of you decides to go ahead and make that purchase.


You’re happier when your SO is not there.

This is a big one: if you find yourself having more fun and just being happier in general when your SO isn’t around, then it is time to move on. Their role in your life is to promote your happiness just as you promote theirs and if the two of you just don’t do that for each other anymore, it’s time to let go so you can both find people that can.


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