Signs that he/she is into you


Regardless of how busy they are, they make time for you.


They lean in when you talk and, more importantly, they look like they are actually listening to what you say! This means they aren’t looking at the T.V. and they are able to reply with something on topic.


It’s in the eyes. You’ll know it when you see it.


They do things they may not like because they know you like those things. Example, going to a movie you really want to see even though they know they will hate it.


Physical contact. The more there is the more they are interested. Shy guys and gals might hold back a little in this regard, but as a general rule touching of the other’s arm or knee suggests interest.


They may be busy, but they text you back as soon as they can.


Laughter. It’s always a good sign. (Especially if you know what you said wasn’t that funny)


You run into them somewhere you frequent but have never seen them before. Note, this is less creepy if you actually happened to mention that this is a place you go to a lot. Definitely creepy if they just start appearing there regularly when you never even mentioned frequenting said establishment.


They want to talk about you and really get to know you. While they may try to talk themselves up a bit to impress you, the majority of the conversation is steered towards getting to know you better.


They let you know that you are on their mind even if they don’t directly say so.


Close proximity. They sit really close to you, hold your hand, maintain physical contact, etc.


Look for signs of nerves. If they are nervous around you, it is likely because they are interested in you.


They open up to you. No one is required to tell anyone anything, so if they are being open with you that is always a good sign that they are interested in you and feel comfortable around you.


They tell you that they are into you. That is undoubtedly as clear of a sign as you will get.


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