Best First Date Ideas to Get to Know Each Other [3]


Home-cooked Meal

Looking for a way to impress your date? Have some culinary skills you would like to show off? This is the date for you! Offer to make dinner and have your date be responsible for drinks and/or dessert. Ask about food allergies beforehand so you don’t have to learn about them the hard way.


A chance for friendly, non-strenuous, one-on-one competition and conversation. Depending on the location, drinks are also an option or you can pair this activity with dinner or a movie to mix things up.

Apple Picking/ Berry Picking

An excuse for a nice walk, an activity, and a chance to talk! Plus, you get some awesome fruit out of the experience.


Shooting Range

Let’s start by saying that this is a good date for a certain type of people and should be paired with another calmer activity (dinner, drinks, etc.) that will allow you a chance to talk (since the earplugs and all don’t really allow for that). That being said, this date option is a good rush of adrenaline just as much as it provides you with a chance to show off your skills.

Paint Your Own Pottery

This is a chance to have a peaceful date and conversation while creating a cool souvenir for later to ensure you’ll always remember that first date.

Haunted House

If it’s in-season, a haunted house is a good way to get that adrenaline pumping on a first date. Whether it provides you both laughter or screams (maybe even both!), a haunted house is a fun, memorable date activity. Pair with dinner, drinks, a walk, or another nearby activity that will allow you two a chance to talk some more as well.


Go to the arcade for some playful competition. Get a good laugh out of the awkwardness of likely being the oldest ones there as you earn tickets to put towards a memorable prize.


Stand Up Comedy

Ensure laughter on your first date by going to a stand up comedy show. Pair with dinner, drinks, or even ice-skating to get more out of your night (including a chance to talk).


Go to a football/baseball/croquet/hockey/tennis/basketball/softball/badminton game or event if that is something that interests the both of you. Note: it might be a good idea to find out if your date has a favorite team before hand so you can aim for that game/ so you don’t end up at a game they will hate.

Rock climbing

Whether indoors or outside, rock climbing is a fun activity for those who love some adventure.



There are always new and interesting ways to volunteer and give back to your community! Find an organization, grab your date, and get ready to give back as you get to know each other better.

Fitness Class

Get hot and sweaty together on this date! Pick something you can both enjoy (or something that is new to both of you) and start exercising. Burn calories while building bridges. What have you got to lose?


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