Best First Dates to Get to Know Each Other [2]

First Date Horseback Riding


An intimate date opportunity that allows for a lot of talking. Bonus points for picking up a book on consolations (or looking them up on your phone) so you can learn as you go!


Less predictable than its classic museum counterpart, a planetarium allows you and your date to stargaze in a dark and cozy environment. It also encourages whispering which can create intimacy as you two get to know each other. Perfect date for those in city areas where the stars are usually so far out of sight.

Take a Class

A date is a great chance to learn something new and what better way to do so than to take a class? Do a search to find short/ one-time classes near you (think a one-time hour long class) in a field that interests both of you. Learning something new together will help the two of you grow closer and give you a fun first date memory (and possibly even a souvenir, depending on the class).

Horseback Riding

A trail ride provides a fun outdoor adventure for those who aren’t afraid to get in the saddle. Enjoy nature, conversation, and bonding with horses.

Nature Walk

For those who don’t want to ride a horse, a nature walk on your own feet is a happy alternative. Pick a local park or trail that you’ve always wanted to check out (bonus points for one with a lake or a cool view) and get to walking.

Amusement Park

Just as amusing as it sounds! If the weather is nice and the parks are open, hit up the amusement park nearest you! Get on a rollercoaster to get a rush of adrenaline, face fierce competition for stuffed animals, grab an iced something or other to cool off, share some popcorn or cotton candy, and just get to know each other. Holding hands encouraged.


Nothing says great summer date like some fun in the sun. Grab your swim suit, towel, sunscreen, and an activity (such as a ball or book of puzzles) for the two of you to enjoy as you spend a few hours enjoying all the fun summer, and dating, has to offer.

Inner Tubing

A fun chance to cool off as things between you and your date heat up.


Live music can be a great first date option. Paired with a dinner beforehand, you have a whole evening of fun planned. Want the live music to be the main event? Pick a low key venue with a smaller band so you have an opportunity to talk or at least sway awkwardly together.


Whether you purchase some food or each bring a dish, spreading out a blanket at a local park is a chance to enjoy nature, get to know each other, and, of course, have some good eats.


While it is something you can do year-round, this date idea works best when it is warmer out. Note: get a feel ahead of time if fishing is something your date is into as it’s not something everyone is into. More importantly, make sure you have a fishing license if you need one.


There are a lot of scenic vineyards around, so it’s likely there is one near you! Go wine tasting and soak in the sights of endless vines. Check the vineyard’s website for any special events they might be having for even more first-date fun.


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