Best First Dates to Get to Know Each Other [1]



A classic first date option can be kicked up a notch if you pick a restaurant neither of you have been to before or a type of food one (or both) of you have been wanting to try. Aim for someplace nice but not too expensive or stuffy. You want to have an environment where you both feel comfortable even in the midst of getting to know each other.


Fun, active, and plenty of time for conversation makes ice skating a good option for a first date. Even if one or both of you have trouble with skating, you can help each other out by sharing tips, working on technique, or even just helping with overall balance by holding hands.


A casual atmosphere with friendly competition as well as an option for food and/or drinks –all while rocking bowling shoes! Added bonus (as if the hoes weren’t enough): your choice in bowling ball can showcase your physique.

Coffee/Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt

A simple, stress-free first date activity that allows for comfort and conversation with your favorite coffee or frozen treat in hand. This date option can tend to be on the shorter side time-wise, so this might be a good option for a blind date to see if the chemistry is there before the two of you go for something more romantic.


Grab a drink and friendly conversation at a local bar. Avoid grabbing a drink late at night or in a club. Go for a place with a more casual feel or one that isn’t overly crowded so you two have a chance to talk and be heard. When in doubt, aim for happy hour. Everyone likes to save money on drinks.

Museum or Art Gallery

If you’re worried you’ll run out of things to talk about, this is the date for you. Walk at leisure with your date taking in the art/artifacts/bones/Furby collection and use what you’re looking at as a springboard for conversation when there is a lull.

Aquarium or Zoo

Similar to the museum option, take in the sites of fish and various animals as you stroll through one of these locations. Animals are a bit more unpredictable than inanimate objects, so you’ll be sure to always have something interesting to discuss right before your eyes.


A hot, sweaty, and casual date option with scenic views and potential for tons of conversation time. Note: make sure your date is the outdoorsy type first.


Classier and more original than just going to a movie, the theater provides a nice first date. Pick a performance you’ll both enjoy (uh, Lion King anyone?) and use the intermission as a chance to chat. Grab drinks or dessert afterwards to allow for more time to talk.

Driving Range or Miniature Golf

Casual, not too strenuous, and a friendly sort of competitive, the driving range or some miniature makes for a good daytime or evening date option. Plus, if one of you needs some help with their technique, well, the other is there to help.

Festival or Carnival

This is a seasonal option, but a local festival or carnival is a playful date option that will provide you with endless food, drinks, and entertainment options.

Play Tourist

Is your date new to the area or are you? This is a good chance to see some sites! If not, this could still be the date option for you. Many of us fail to tour things in our own backyard and it is more than likely that you can find a tourist spot in your town that you and your date would like to check out. If you’re both feeling up to it, you can even act like you’re both from out of town for the extent of the tour/visit for some added fun.


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