How to Have a Successful First Date


First dates can be stressful: You have found someone that you are interested in and are now participating in this sort of ritual called dating to get to know each other better. The desired first date is crowded with a mix of emotions from anticipation, dread, nerves, excitement, lust, and much more, making it one of the most stressful dates of them all. This is the date that determines if there will be more outings with this person or if things will just fizzle out and you both will continue on with your lives like nothing out of the ordinary happened. Here’s a list to help you ace that first date and, hopefully, get a chance at a second, fourth, fifth, eighth and twenty-second one.

  1. Choose a date location where the two of you have a chance to actually talk. Meeting at a movie theater, sitting through a two and a half hour movie, and then parting ways is not ideal for really getting to know a person. Try a restaurant, coffee shop, or another location that encourages conversation. Worried that neither one of you will have something to say? Pick a location that will spark conversation such as a museum or the zoo so you will always have something to talk about.
  2. On that note, pick an appropriate time for your first date. Hint: the middle of the night does not fall into this category.
  3. Don’t spend a ridiculous amount of time getting ready. It’s important to feel good about yourself going into the date, part of which stems from looking your best, but there is no need to spend all day getting ready. This person wanted to go on a date with you, not a version of you with clown make up or hair spiked up with so much gel that it doubles a weapon. Stay practical, and stay true to yourself.
  4. Let the other person talk just as much as you do. First dates are notorious for a lot of “me, me, me,” conversations as you are likely just getting to know each other, or at least getting to know each other in a different manner. Share the floor so you a) don’t come off as a narcissist b) learn something about the other person as well and c) so you actually have a chance to test your compatibility.
  5. Put your phone down. Seriously.
  6. Avoid talking about your seemingly growing debt, ex-whatevers, or give excessive details about the transplant you did that day.
  7. When it comes to paying, offer to split regardless of who asked who out, who makes more money, who picked the place, or who was quicker to get their wallet.
  8. Going off of that, if they insist on paying and you are okay with that, then let them. Smile, say thank you, and continue on with the date.
  9. At the end of the date, say goodbye. Make judgments off of their body language and your chemistry with them (or lack there of) as to whether a hug, kiss, or an excited exclamation about a second date is appropriate. Not sure which, or any, of these things are applicable to your circumstance? When in doubt, goodbye goes well with a smile.
  10. If you were feeling the date and the chemistry was there, make sure you call them for date number two. Don’t “lose their number” or “forget” or wait the nonsense three days or whatever it is that people are doing these days. If you want to see them again, make it happen!

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