Ideas and Activities to Enhance Your Long Distance Relationship


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If you haven’t read my previous article, How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work (, you might want to start there. This list gives you fun ways to connect with your significant other in spite of the distance!

  1. Write each other letters. Emails are nice, especially for a quick reply rate, but it’s always nice to find something special in the mail. A brief love note sent by mail is always more meaningful then an email or a text saying the same thing.
  2. Send (real or virtual) flowers.
  3. Count down to when you’ll see each other again. You can flashback to childhood by creating an interlocking paper loop chain for every day you’ll spend apart (taking one loop off each day) or simply add the countdown to the end of one of your messages –“Only eight and a half more days!”
  4. Create care packages for each other.
  5. Spritz your perfume or cologne onto something (think fabric, felt, stuffed animal, etc.) and send it to your significant other in the mail. Scent evokes strong memories and emotions.
  6. On a similar note, buy [or make, you crafty person!] scented candles –one for yourself and one for your significant other so that you can smell the same thing even though you are away from each other. Added bonus if you pick a scent that helps you both relax. These would be fun to light while you are talking to each other on the phone or video-chatting to make you feel even closer.
  7. Create something for your significant other such as a drawing, painting, etc. Not particularly crafty? Hit up build a bear!
  8. Send pictures. It could be of yourself, things you see throughout the day, or even just what you are up to at that moment. This goes a long way in making the other feel somewhat included in your daily activities as if they were actually there with you.
  9. Make or buy matching/similar t-shirts that you and your significant other can wear when you need to feel them wrapped around you. It’s not quite a hug but with a little imagination it can be.
  10. Play a video game or game on your phone together. Don’t really consider yourself to be a gamer? Don’t worry, there are games out there for everyone.
  11. Send each other little video messages.
  12. Write them a poem. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, it just has to be from you. If you find yourself terrified at the idea of writing a poem on your own or hit a case of writer’s block, there are several love poem generators online to help save the day.
  13. Make (or buy) each other bracelets so you can have a constant reminder of your significant other.
  14. If you find that you really love to write, you can write your love story! Bonus: write it on something like Google docs where your partner can contribute to the story as well or you two could each write your story from your respective perspectives.
  15. Take a free online class together. There are tons of options out there for this, so there is bound to be something you both will enjoy. Learning something new together will be something you will treasure forever.
  16. Read a book together. You could try agreeing to read a chapter a night or both of you could just read it at your own pace in your free time (just don’t spoil it for your partner!). This will give you common ground for discussion plus it will be something you two can do together.
  17. Bake something for your significant other and pick a short shipping time when you go to send them.
  18. Say heyy to your significant other on Heyy app! Search where they are or will be on the map and post a heyy for them to find! You can even include a photo with your message.


Have more ideas for those in long distance relationships? Share them below!


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