36 Affordable and Fun Date Ideas!

5709711677_ba232e9998_bPhoto courtesy of flickr
  1. Movie night on the couch. Make some popcorn or another favorite movie snack and curl up on the couch. Cuddling encouraged.
  2. Go to a local happy hour
  3. A picnic. Pick a local park, zoo, field, or even your own backyard and pack a basket with your favorite foods to share. Bonus points if you stay to watch the sun set.
  4. A coupon only date. For any activity or food consumed on your date, you must have a coupon.
  5. Find a free museum
  6. Write a letter to each other and seal it. Don’t let them read it until a particular date. Another idea: put something on the envelop like “for when we have our first real fight” or “when you need to feel loved” so they can decide when they need the letter the most.
  7. Look on sites like Groupon or Living Social for local deals
  8. Go for a bike ride
  9. Get coffee, ice cream, or fro-yo
  10. Have a sort of cook off dinner. You can each make your best dish or challenge yourselves to make a meal only using the contents currently in your kitchen.
  11. Go for a drive
  12. Game night
  13. Stargaze. Bonus points for learning the constellations together via the Internet.
  14. Volunteer together
  15. Go for a walk on the beach or, you know, the sidewalk
  16. Go to a park
  17. Watch Jeopardy and see who can answer most of the questions correctly
  18. Have a craft night
  19. Draw things together. Better yet, have a drawing contest
  20. Go for a run together.
  21. Do some research to find free music events in your area
  22. Go to the Farmer’s Market
  23. If there is a pond, lake, river, etc. nearby where you can feed fish or ducks –do it!
  24. Go to the zoo
  25. Bake something together
  26. Visit your local animal shelter and try not to bring all the pets home with you
  27. Play tourist in your own city/town
  28. Take online quizzes together
  29. Teach each other something new
  30. Go bird watching
  31. Play Frisbee
  32. Go somewhere and people watch in a totally non-creepy manner.
  33. Go to the pool
  34. Buy, find, or borrow Legos and get to building
  35. Watch stand up comedy acts on Youtube together
  36. Grab a phone, iPod, computer, etc. and take turns playing your favorite songs for each other


Have more ideas? Share them in the comments section below!



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