Some ideas for a quick heyy!

In search of a date or a mate? We’re here to help! Whether you are going for flirty, funny, cute, or even just something practical, here are some ecards to help you say that first (or twelfth) heyy!

heyy MjAxMy00ZTczZDM0NThlYTZiZjE0_51ddd6aaa7beb bed-and-breakfast-email-flirting-ecards-someecards arent-interested-confirmation-funny-ecard-Doh 1350202193904_3149295 1350222859480_6989714 youre-the-only-person-i-want-to-spend-every-night-with-arguing-over-what-to-eat-nT7 1319031357076_1867873 1326983772559_6472352 MjAxMi02MDExZTU0NGE5MGZjMjdm


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