Heyy App is for Everyone!


Heyy app is not just an online dating app (although we’re here for that too!). For those of you in a relationship or just not looking to date right now, here is a list of some of the ways Heyy app is here to benefit you too:

  1. Make new friends.
  2. Find out about Heyy events and give-aways. Enough said.
  3. Find a dog friend for your dog.
  4. Locate the best happy hour for any given day of the week.
  5. A way to look popular when you can’t fake a text message or phone call.
  6. Schedule your book club meeting.
  7. Get a work out buddy or personal trainer.
  8. Where are things going down at? Heyy app knows.
  9. Performing somewhere? Let the Heyy community know and be flooded with support.
  10. Make a heyy post for your open event.
  11. Looking for someone to help you make potato salad for the first time? Heyy app can help with that too.
  12. Post recommendations.
  13. When is wing night at ________? I’m sure someone knows.
  14. Hear about a good store bargain? Post a heyy!
  15. Advertise a yard sale/ moving sale/ garage sale / curb alert.
  16. Going out with your friends and looking to get a bigger group together? Yeah, heyy app can help with that.
  18. Did a new place just open? Post it.
  19. Looking for someone to check out said new place with you? Post it.
  20. When in doubt, post it.
  21. Wondering if that restaurant is good? Why call friend after friend when you can post a heyy? Better yet, say heyy to someone else who has posted at that restaurant!
  22. See where other heyy app users are at.
  23. Reach out to old classmates/teammates/etc.
  24. Plan events with your current group of friends.
  25. Find someone/somewhere to watch the game.
  26. Need a recipe that incorporates the rest of the _______ in your fridge? Post a heyy or two asking for suggestions or a partner in the kitchen.
  27. Scroll through profiles and find people that have the same hobbies or interests as you.
  28. Start a club. (dodgeball? scrapbooking? knitting? white water rafting? amateur egg decorating? Have at it.)
  29. Start a pick up game of basketball.
  30. Need someone to talk to? Meet a stranger for coffee.
  31. Find a study buddy.
  32. See what heyy’s you significant other has to say so you have something to argue about later. Kidding.
  33. Find a lost pet? Post a heyy and help him/her get home again.
  34. Set up yoga in the park.
  35. Host a movie night.
  36. Because Heyy app is awesome. Seriously, join us and find out just how much fun we are.

Got more ideas/uses for Heyy app? Share them below! We would love to hear from you.


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