Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex


Their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, or some combination thereof is constantly pulled up on your screen. You find yourself eager to hit refresh and study their latest posts for insights into their new life or clues for how to win them back.


You constantly talk about them even though all of your friends are sick of hearing about him/her. You can’t help it–they are so fascinating!


If they were to call you, you would pick up right away regardless of what you are doing. After all, the wedding will still be going on when you reenter the church. Same with texting. If you would mess up your wet mani or crush your chest mid bench press in order to reply to their text right away, you are so not over them.


You offer to walk their dog, house sit, clean, cook, or what have you…for free. Worse yet, for “fun.”


Instead of ending with a goodnight kiss or a plan to hang out again, your dates tend to end with the other person storming off because you, yet again, have called them by your ex’s name. You probably also spent all night telling them about said ex and comparing them accordingly. Tsk tsk.

You drive by their house even though it is out of the way. You tell yourself you’re “just wondering if they’re home” or “you enjoy the drive” or something equally unconvincing, even to yourself.


They have asked you for their key back repeatedly and you reiterate that you have “lost it” while secretly you carry it around in your pocket on a regular basis. They have the power to change their locks but they can’t make you give back something you totally got rid of already. Totally.


Your walls, tabletops, and wallet are still littered with pictures of the two of you from when you were actually together…you know, before you had to cut and paste your head onto photos of them out with their friends so you could pretend you were there with them.


Their toothbrush remains in your bathroom month after month after dust ball, but you will not throw it away because you don’t want to turn around and have to buy them a new one when they return. They always come back right? Right?


You believe wholeheartedly that they will realize what they have lost and come running back to you, begging for a second chance…even when they start seeing someone new, even when they get engaged, even when they are in the midst of walking down the aisle, have 2.5 kids and a golden retriever, and even when they have told you time and time again that they are not getting back together with you.


You miss your chance with someone great because you are so caught up on someone who didn’t realize what they had when they had you. It is time to give back the key, throw out the toothbrush, and get back out there.


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